Thursday, November 15, 2012

star by star

"The final mystery is oneself. When one has weighed the sun in the balance, and measured the steps of the moon, and mapped out the seven heavens star by star, there still remains oneself. Who can calculate the orbit of his own soul?"

~ Oscar Wilde

I'm inclined to call these two photographs self-portraits. The leaf is out of season, out of step. Doesn't speak so much as hold the light in its spent form. A bit lonely, then, too. A bit mysterious. Happily overlooked. That lie.

(Which perhaps sounds a bit mournful, doesn't it? But a self-portrait is always just a moment in time....the next self-portrait might be completely other....)


  1. In the first one you are dancing, in the second you are wearing a jacket. Lovely self-portraits.

  2. Thanks Lucy! Hope to see you soon....


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